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Company Profile

IPAE-PROGARDEN, born in the sixties thanks to the unflagging commitment of the Proserpio brothers to their work, has turned from a small firm specialized in the production of goods from plastic resins into a managerial company realizing a yearly turnover of almost 50 million euros and with a leading position in the sector of the garden furniture production in Europe.

In the nineties the company was able to establish as a leader in the Italian market and distribute its products in more than 60 countries in the world, beginning with the traditional channels and becoming quickly one of the main suppliers in the modern distribution channels GDO and GDS, where the sales volumes require a considerable productive capacity.

Both IPAE-PROGARDEN’s factories account for very important production sites: two areas covering 52,000 square metres altogether, highly automated in the industrial and logistic processes, completed with a workshop for technical research and development of moulds and a 22,000 square metre warehouse for the storage of finished products.

In years when many Italian companies are delocalizing their activities, IPAE-PROGARDEN’s will to invest in our country proves fundamental in a strategy which has its strength in the “made-in-Italy”, especially when facing foreign markets, and these are many, that are particularly sensitive to this subject.

With great attention to the quality themes, IPAE-PROGARDEN is now completing the quality certification program UNI EN ISO 9001 and is also considering the environmental certification UNI EN ISO 14001.

The core-business remains the production of garden furniture, where IPAE-PROGARDEN can boast the widest range of items in the market, as it includes more than 100 models. However, in the last few years IPAE-PROGARDEN has invested also in the household goods and outdoor toy production.  

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